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"... I am very pleased with the job well done! Thank you. ... You can definitely count on my good comments for the promotion of your services..." - A web-based phone card provider company

Drafting, vetting and interpreting US legal documents

This is our speciality. Our clients have never had a reason to be disappointed with a document drafted by us.

We use the following process for all drafting work:

We also provide second opinions or editing of a pre-drafted agreement. This may be required when you have an agreement drawn by a party you are going to sign that agreement with. You need to ensure in such cases that the other party is acting in good faith and has not included any provisions in the agreement that might be interpreted against you.

Sometimes you need to sign an agreement with a party located in a country other than USA. You must be careful about the applicability of jurisdiction. Same paragraph may be interpreted differently in another jurisdiction. Some clauses may not be acceptable, or may be so but in a different form, in some jurisdiction. We can help you in understanding the meaning of an agreement in a particular jurisdiction.

We have drawn almost all sorts of agreements. To illustrate, a list of some document types that we have drawn is presented below: