We have separate teams looking after US and UK Clients.

US law firms and other clients looking to outsource their legal work to India should click below.

UK law firms and other clients looking to outsource their legal work to India should click below.

Outsourced legal services from India

Welcome to lawKPO

We understand that you are now in the process of remodeling your law business. You know that there are possibilities of cutting down your administrative costs drastically. You may outsource your drafting, legal research, memo-writing, brief-writing, transcription, data entry and many other legal and para-legal works to US/UK educated lawyers in India. This ensures that you get similar or even better quality of work at prices less than half of what you spend now.

Depending on the size and business of your firm/organization, we might have some ways to help you keep your costs down. Most of your competitors have already treaded this path. This actually makes most economic sense. We will feel privileged to discuss with you the ways to cut costs in your firm. Please feel free to contact us to discuss in detail what services can we provide and how cost-effective it could be to you.

Experienced and qualified legal experts

lawKPO is probably the only legal outsourcing firm in India having independent divisions providing concentrated and dedicated services separately to lawyers, law firms, solicitors and independent companies and organizations in United States of America (USA) and United Kingdom (UK). Our strengths are:

  • Internationally qualified lawyers and other professionals
  • Over five years' experience in providing skilled legal services
  • Very satisfied clients in various parts of US and UK
  • 24x7x365 availability of support
  • Modern state-of-the-art infrastructure of international standards
  • Liaison offices in US and UK providing you local contact numbers and easy access to our services
  • Excellent data security and protection. Each employee signs confidentiality agreement
  • Daily back-up of client data. Excellent IT support
  • Our focus is cost savings to you

    We believe that other than our highly professional and time-bound services, it is our pricing and flexible payment policy that helps us retain our clients. We do our best to ensure that:

  • You achieve upto 60% cost savings compared to your existing set-up
  • You get similar or better quality of output that you have been getting with your existing set-up
  • You always receive your work within time quoted to you
  • You are able to increase your profits and client base, as we take care of services to your clients
  • You always remain with us (Need we say more?)